• Why Britegums®?

Why Britegums®?

Feel good about your smile

Britegums® is an elective cosmetic procedure. Getting Britegums® is similar to dying your hair or getting a new wardrobe. Why do people do those things? Because looking great and feeling great frequently go hand in hand.

The Britegums® process is meant to make people feel confident and socially-accepted. Straightening or whitening your teeth yield similar results but because Britegums® is new, a lot of people aren’t sure how to look at it. 

In the past, dentists didn’t have a reasonable solution to dark gums. They had a few painful methods of removing pigmentation but none of them were permanent or affordable. Because of this, most people with dark or blotchy gums have always assumed they’re permanent.

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Some people out there probably love their dark gums and don’t want to change them — just like some people embrace their grey hair or their birthmarks. It’s okay to like the things about you that don’t fit the “norm.” It’s also okay to want to change some things about your appearance. If someone feels self-conscious about their dark gums and Britegums® has the ability to give them back their lost confidence, what’s wrong with that? After all, wanting to not feel embarrassed about something you can change is a pretty normal reaction.

We want everyone who dislikes the appearance of their dark gums to know there is an easy and quick solution that can make smiling for photos a lot easier. 

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Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile