• What is Britegums®?

What is Britegums®?

Elective Cosmetic Gum Pinkening

Your smile isn’t always just about your teeth

We all care about our teeth. In an effort to maintain an attractive, healthy smile, we brush, floss, whiten and see our dentist regularly. We know our teeth matter but what about our gums?  Although we may not always think about it, pink, healthy gums help make our smiles really shine and give us that extra spark of confidence that we need to succeed. 

Many take their pink gums for granted. They don’t realize that lots of people have dark and blotchy gums due to an excess of melanin—or pigment producing cells—inside of their gums. Before today, most of them assumed there wasn’t anything to be done about their blotchy gums. 

A select few tried to find a solution. Unfortunately, they were destined to discover a disappointing truth: all of the procedures available at the time involved cutting, grinding, and lasers and none of them gave long-lasting results. People wanted a better solution to their dark gums but no one seemed to be listening. That is, until Dr. Robert Stanley heard a patient’s plea.

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The future of gum pinkening™

That’s where Britegums® comes in. Our patented pinkening™ process is the long-awaited solution to discolored gum tissue. By using revolutionary technology to remove dark gum tissue, Britegums® is able to reveal a patient’s pink gums without forcing them through a painful procedure that procures only temporary results.  

Britegums® is fast, affordable, virtually painless, and, most importantly, long-lasting. With one visit, you’ll have your self-confidence back for years to come. Don’t believe us? Check out our before and after gallery to see the results for yourself.

If dark or blotchy gums are keeping you from taking that perfect selfie, what are you waiting for? Schedule your free consultation today!

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My smile is bigger and brighter than ever!

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Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile