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Real Results: Gum Lightening

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Do Gum Lightening Treatments Exist?

You’ve been searching for a real solution to the dark spots on your gums for years. You’ve heard of gum bleaching, gum cutting, and gum lasering but none of those sound like the quick, pain-free sort of solution you’re looking for.

A few years ago, you would’ve been out of luck. Up until 2017, the procedures available that said they could remove diffuse gingival pigmentation were limited. They were also painful and provided patients temporary results. The majority of the time, patients who get their gums “bleached” will see pigmentation return to their gums within a year or two.

If you go through the process of brightening your gums, you want the results to look great for a long time. You probably also want a short healing time, minimal pain, and affordability. In 2017, Dr. Robert Stanley realized that there were many people out there who didn’t like the appearance of their gums but they didn’t have a safe, cost-effective way to brighten them. He talked to one of his patients who had dark gums about what she would want out of a gum lightening treatment. It was pretty simple: she wanted real results that would heal quickly and look great for years to come. After months of research and development, Britegums® was born. 

How Does Gum Lightening Work?

At Britegums, we call the act of removing pigmentation from the gums “pinkening” instead of “lightening” because the treatment reveals pink gums. Pinkening involves using a small brush-like instrument to push radio waves against the gums. The radio waves gently lift both the melanin and the melanocytes (the cells that produce the melanin). Unlike with previous gum lightening methods, Britegums® offers more long-lasting results because it removes melanocytes and not just melanin. By getting rid of the melanocytes, Britegums® greatly reduces the chances of the pigmentation returning in the future.

Britegums® is non-invasive and we use numbing medicine to keep it pain-free for the patient. After the procedure, patients typically need very little time to get back to their normal schedule. Most Britegums® patients are back to work the very next day.

Because Britegums® uses radio waves, there’s no blood involved with the treatment. The complete healing period usually takes a few months, depending on the case. By the end of it, patients can expect to have pink, uniform gums.

Why Should You Choose Britegums®?

Still unsure if gum lightening is for you? Take a look at our patient gallery and scroll through some of our before and afters on Instagram. For cosmetic procedures, pictures speak louder than words so really spend some time with our before and after images. They’ll give you a good idea of what you can expect your own smile to look like after getting Britegums®.

If you still have questions about our gum lightening treatment, you can head over to our FAQ page. Have some questions that aren’t on the FAQ page? Give us a call at 1-866-274-8348 and we’ll set you up with a complimentary consultation (in-person or virtual) with a Britegums® provider. They will be able to answer any and all questions about pricing, aftercare, and the actual procedure.


Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile