• Pink Gums – How do I Get Them?

Pink Gums – How do I Get Them?

Gums come in many different shades, from pink to very dark brown.  But no matter what color your gums are, they can tell you a lot about your health.  Let’s find out what the color of your gums means, starting with pink gums.

A Health Check

As we stated above, gums come in many different colors.  But pay attention, because the color of gums varies.  Much depends on genetics, which determines the amount of melanin in your skin.  Dark brown gums aren’t usually an indicator of ill health.

What needs to be closely monitored is any changes in color.  Texture also matters, as a change in texture can indicate an oral health problem, or a concern for your overall health.

Gum Colors and What They May Mean

A good indicator is the texture of your gums, especially around the teeth.  Look for any changes to texture and color and take note.

Your gums should be smooth and firm, regardless of their color.

  • Pink gums which are firm are usually healthy. The same is true of brown gums.  Usually hereditary, pink gums and brown to black gums with regular texture are (with exceptions for sudden changes due to health conditions) healthy.
  • Red gums are a red flag and signal infection or inflammation. They may be quite sensitive, especially when flossing or brushing.  Red gums mean “Go to the dentist!”.
  • A yellow film or caste to the gums is a sign of gingivitis, which is the precursor to gum disease. This can be reversed with diligent dental care.
  • But if you develop a yellow sore on your gums, you may have an ulcer or a viral infection.
  • As mentioned earlier, black gums are sometimes just a genetic trait. But if it’s not the original color of your gums, you’re probably a smoker.  If not, you may have been prescribed medications which has caused them to change color.  A visit to the doctor or dentist is in order.
  • White gums can indicate a fungal infection. If the lack of pigment is accompanied by the formation of white sores, you may have a viral infection and should be seeking medical attention immediately.
  • Grey gums with a film on them indicate an immune system which has been weakened. Whether from lifelong smoking or excessive stress, this gum pigmentation usually means you have a bacterial infection.

If your gums are dark or blotchy, you likely have perfectly healthy gums.  But you may also feel self-conscious about this aspect of your smile.

You’re not alone.

Many people are shy about their smiles because of gums which are dark or not uniform in pigmentation.  But now, there’s a painless, effective, affordable solution.


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Dr. Stanley went to work and created revolutionary BriteGUMS® technology.

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