• Want Pink Gums in Cary, NC? We’ve Got the Answer!

Want Pink Gums in Cary, NC? We’ve Got the Answer!

From pink to very dark brown, human gums come in many colors.  But no matter what color your gums are, they can say a lot about your health.  Let’s find out what the color of your gums means, including pink gums in Cary, NC.

Check Your Gums

Even if our gums come in many different colors, pay attention, because their original color may change.  Genetics determine the amount of melanin in your skin and melanin determines pigment, so dark brown gums aren’t usually a sign of poor health.

What needs to be watched are any changes in color or a change in texture.  Both these signs may indicate an oral health issue, or a problem with your general health.

What Gum Colors Mean

As we’ve pointed out, if your gums are the original color, they’re probably OK.  But several factors can change gum pigmentation.

So, let’s review the meaning of various gum colorations.

  • Pink gums which are also firm are healthy. The same may be said of brown gums.  Usually hereditary, pink gums and brown to black gums of normal texture are usually not compromised, with exceptions for certain conditions.
  • Red gums are a sign of inflammation or infection. They may be very sensitive, especially when brushing or flossing.  Red gums mean you need to see your dentist.
  • A yellow caste or film on the gums is a symptom of gingivitis, which is an early warning for gum disease. You can reverse it with consistent and thorough dental care.
  • A yellow sore on your gums may mean an ulcer or viral infection.
  • As we mentioned before, black gums are usually just a genetic trait. But if your gums haven’t always been that color, you’re probably a smoker.  If not, you may have been prescribed medication which has caused the change in color.  Visit your primary care giver or dentist to discuss the issue.
  • A fungal infection is indicated by white gums. If the formation of white sores accompanies this loss of pigment, you may have a viral infection and should be getting immediate medical attention.
  • Grey gums covered with a film are a sign of an immune system which is weak and struggling. Whether from a long-term smoking habit or sustained and excessive stress, this gum color usually means you’re struggling with a bacterial infection.

If your gums are dark or spotty, you probably have perfectly healthy gums.  But you may also feel self-conscious about your appearance and hesitant to smile.

You’re not the only one.

Many people are shy to share their smiles because of gums which are not uniformly pigmented or dark.  But now, there’s an affordable, painless solution.


At his dental practice in Cary, NC, Dr. Robert Stanley was approached by a patient who was concerned about her spotty, dark gums.  Solutions at the time were uncomfortable and invasive, demanding long-term recovery.

So, Dr. Stanley created revolutionary BriteGUMS® technology.

Pink gums in Cary, NC are just a call away.  Contact us to find out more about the BriteGUMS® solution.

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