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Physiologic Pigmentation and Diffuse Pigmentation

What are Physiologic and Diffuse Pigmentation?

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Physiologic and Diffuse Pigmentation are just two of the many medical terms used to identify dark pigmentation in the gums of individuals.

What is Physiologic Pigmentation?

Physiologic Pigmentation simply means the pigmentation is normal. The cause does not stem from illness, medications, or exposure to metals. It indicates that the degree of pigmentation is within a normal range for the individual. Normal is a broad range because it’s different for each individual.

There are variations within races and ethnic groups. The reason for the variations is due to the blending of our global population Excess oral pigmentation is most often found in those with dark skin. However,  a small percentage of light-skinned people are affected as well.

What is Diffuse Pigmentation?

Diffuse Pigmentation refers to the span of the pigmentation. Areas of darker skin caused by excess melanin can appear just about anywhere on the body. It covers a specified area.

For our purposes, we at Britegums consider the condition as diffuse pigmentation when it covers the gum area. It’s possible to have all pink gums with one dark spot. It spreads over the entire gum surface, including the Gingival or gum line, where the gum encircles the teeth. Pigmented areas can appear in people as young as two as well as older individuals. Most often, we see it in middle-aged clients.

Is Diffuse Physiological Pigmentation Normal?

Pigmentation may color the gum area very dark or black with purple or blue shades. It could just as likely be any shade lighter than that. Diffused Physiological Pigmentation may be normal, but we at Britegums have met many who are not satisfied with the explanations.

Their idea of normal is pink healthy-looking gums that enhance their bright smile. Until now, their treatment option involved pain, extended healing time, significant expense, and uncertain results. It’s no surprise that a caring and thoughtful dentist blessed with brilliance found a solution and called his cosmetic treatment Britegums.

Britegums Technology For Cosmetic Treatment

The Britegums cosmetic treatment is named Pinkening, and rightly so. One session will reveal your pink gums. Treatment is administered using specialized patented brushes and radio waves delivered via FDA-approved instruments.

The layer of pigmented cells on your gums is very thin. Our highly trained technicians use the radio waves to gently brush away those outer cells, revealing your pink gums. After one painless treatment, you can expect your gums to gradually pinken up over the next few weeks as they heal completely. Contact us here.

What Is The Cosmetic Treatment for Physiologic and Diffused Pigmentation? 

Britegums cosmetic treatment for removing dark gum pigmentation, or Pinkening, is unlike any other previously offered solutions. The treatment is painless and long-lasting. Since it’s difficult for those cells to regenerate, results may be permanent.

There’s no downtime from work or daily activities. The treatment is affordable, and the only requirement is good oral health. Pinkening is an effective treatment that will boost your self-confidence by revealing your brightest smile.


Call Britegums at 866-274-8348 for more information and to schedule your free consultation. You may also visit us on the web at: https://britegums.com/what-is-britegums/

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