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Our Story

The Britegums® Story

It took one of America’s top dental implants specialists…AND a surprising question…to develop this remarkable new procedure.


The Britegums® story began at the office of Stanley Dentistry, a renowned full-service family dental practice in Cary, North Carolina. Dr. Robert Stanley is one of America’s top experts in dental implantology, but was asked by a new patient about something new—her dark, blotchy gums. She first noticed the discoloration as a teenager and was willing to try almost anything to restore the natural pink color of her gums. Dr. Stanley found that a surprisingly large number of people shared his patient’s condition, and informal surveys revealed that many of them had searched unsuccessfully for a solution. Sadly, the only options available involved scraping, cutting, grinding or lasers, all of which included pain and long healing periods.


The more research he conducted, the more Dr. Stanley believed that a solution must exist. After examination of cell layers inside of the gum tissue, he realized that many people develop a high concentration of melanin or imbalances of pigmentation within their gums, usually starting around the early teenage years. He then combined his vast experience in dentistry with his PhD in mechanical engineering to develop a completely new technique—a combination of radio waves and patented custom-made ‘brushes’, using FDA approved electrosurgery technology to remove the top layer of dark and blotchy tissue. The result is the patented gum pinkening™ process, otherwise known as Britegums® . This revolutionary procedure is fast, affordable and practically pain-free. But perhaps the best part about Britegums® is that it’s long-lasting. Unlike the old outdated methods, the pigmentation never returns after being removed by Britegums®.


“I’m so glad that patient came to our office asking about a solution to discolored gums,” says Dr. Stanley. “It allowed us to take the time necessary to develop this new life-changing technology. We were hearing the same stories about people who didn’t want to smile…they would stand in the back of a group photo or not get their picture taken at all. Everyone who has received the Britegums® procedure says that it’s given them new confidence and they can’t wait to show off their new pink gums when they smile. That really means the world to us”

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Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile