• Lightening Your Gums at Home? Let’s Talk

Lightening Your Gums at Home? Let’s Talk

The world is full of instant cures for everything you can think of.  Home remedies abound and while some of them are genuinely useful, others are highly suspect.

And with the rise of e-commerce, the traveling snake oil salesman has grown longer legs, covering not just a small territory in horse and wagon, but the entire world.

So, you know you’re going to come across some highly suspect information in your online travels.

If you’re lightening your gums at home or thinking about doing it, you’re bound to hear of miracles from friends and families.  But the thing is that miracles are special because they don’t happen every 10 minutes.

So rather than waste your time by telling you what not to do, we’re going to share some safe ways to improve the appearance of darker gums at home.  What we’re not going to say is that natural remedies are a silver bullet.

We’ll talk about that later.

Mileage May Vary

The first thing you need to know is that your mileage may vary for the listed DIY solutions.  They won’t work for everyone because of differences in body chemistry.  Also, you’re not working in a controlled environment.  You’re trying something harmless to see if it will help.

With all that said, here are some methods of lightening your gums at home which may temporarily reduce pigment in the gums:

  • Eucalyptus oil: With natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, just a small drop of this stuff will help you control harmful oral bacteria, as well as calm inflammation. The oil is also rumored to lighten pigment in the gums.
  • Clove: Like eucalyptus oil, clove is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.  Clove also stimulates repair of damaged gum tissue.  Use the leaf of the clove to massage it directly into your gums.
  • Sesame oil: Known to draw out toxins, sesame oil also effectively stops plaque and tartar buildup, loosening what’s already lurking around your teeth.  Removing these harmful elements serves to restore oral health.  Swish a little around in mouth after brushing.  Heat the oil before use to make it more effective in toxin absorption.

See What We Did There?

The three natural, DIY remedies for lightening your gums at home listed are all tried and true home remedies.  While these are returning to popularity, not everyone knows that eucalyptus oil, clove and sesame oil can have such a positive impact on oral health.

While it’s not empirically proven, they may also help reduce hyperpigmentation.  The trick is regular use.  The truth is minor results.

We’re not going to lie.  The most compelling reason to use these natural helpers is not lightening your gums.  It’s improving your oral health.

We like science at Britegums®.  We like it because it’s tested and proven empirically.  So, we’re going to come clean and tell you that the silver bullet for lightening your gums is visiting a licensed Britegums® provider.


Fast, virtually painless and enduring, Britegums® is a patented, FDA-approved treatment to reduce gum pigmentation.

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