• Lightening Dark Gums – Easier Than Ever,

Lightening Dark Gums – Easier Than Ever,

Your smile is about more than straight, white teeth.  The gums play an important role in your public presentation and if they’re dark in pigmentation, you may feel self-conscious about them.

People who love to smile (but don’t love their gums) are coming home to revolutionary Britegums® technology.

Different than any other gum lightening process on the market, Britegums is long lasting, so you can smile with confidence, to your heart’s content!

Lightening Dark Gums

The gum-lightening processes of the past have been temporary, intrusive, and worst of all, painful.  But with Britegums, there’s none of that, so there’s no need to be nervous.

The truth is that our gums are quite tough, containing relatively few nerves in the outer layer.  Britegums® technology removes the outer layer of the gums, which contains almost all the pigmentation you’d like to change.

But How Does It Work?

There are no lasers, knives or bleaching agents involved in the Britegums process.  Rather, specially developed, patented brushes deploy radio waves.

These work to remove the top layer of tissue and with it the melanin which produces the dark pigment.  You’ll reveal the healthy, pink gums you’ve always wanted!

Results are long lasting.  Some patients even see permanent results.  Britegums is FDA approved.

Fast and overwhelmingly pain free, Britegums is also remarkably affordable.

Britegums® treatment takes place in just one visit, with visible results in 7 days.  As time goes by, your gums will look better and better, as the healing process continues.  Total healing is usually seen in 2 to 3 weeks.

So, Why Are My Gums This Color?

While it’s not always the case, people with darker skin tones often have darker gums, due to a higher level of melanin production.  Melanin is the naturally occurring substance which makes skin dark.  Pale-skinned people have less of it, meaning their skin takes longer to change color in the sun and may burn more easily.

But the riches of melanin can sometimes make gums dark and splotchy.

Other causes of dark gums are smoking, medications and small particles of amalgam fillings dislodging and finding their way under your gums.

Dr. Robert Stanley

Dr. Stanley’s journey as the inventor of Britegums began at his dentistry practice in Cary, North Carolina.

A patient approached him about a solution for her dark, splotchy gums.  Intrigued, Dr. Stanley asked other patients if they’d been concerned about the pigment in their gums.  He discovered that they were not only concerned by it but that they’d been seeking solutions.

But all they’d found were painful procedures demanding long recovery times, so he set to work on creating Britegums®, now serving patients with a painless, fast, long lasting solution.

Find Out More

If you’re seeking lightening for dark gums, then look no further than Britegums patented gum pinkening.  Find out about providers in your area and then, see the amazing results this state-of-the-art gum lightening technology offers.

If you love to smile but dark gums make you self-conscious, what are you waiting for?

Smile again, with Britegums!

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile