• Jessica’s Testimony

Jessica’s Testimony

Jessica didn’t realize she had discolored gums until her orthodontist removed her braces when she was twelve years old. What was supposed to be an exciting day became the start of a decade-long fight with dark gums. Jessica describes this time in her life saying, “I always felt like there was something that I was missing and I knew that the discoloration in my gums was definitely not ideal or what I wanted.” 

Living with Black Gums

As she was growing up, Jessica was self-conscious of her black gums but her parents didn’t want to look for treatment. They pointed out to their daughter that dark gums aren’t painful or harmful, completely ignoring the impact Jessica’s gums had on her developing self-confidence. Jessica remembers high school saying she would “try to smile without teeth,” in an effort to hide the darkness of her gums. When Jessica was old enough, she sought a dentist who could improve the overall appearance of her smile:

“I went into my dental office to do a consultation for gum contouring and while [I was there] I went over with the doctor all the necessary steps I could take to get my smile 100% the way I liked it. I just threw out ‘is there anything that you have for dark gums?’ He let me know that he was not exactly sure but that he would definitely look into options for me.”

After her gum contouring procedure, Jessica was much happier with her smile. While her gums were less noticeable, the discoloration was still visible. Fortunately for her, behind the scenes, Dr. Stanley was busy trying to find a safe and noninvasive treatment for Jessica’s black gums. A few weeks later, he called Jessica back into the Stanley Dentistry office in Cary, NC. He had an idea that he was sure would work.

Jessica’s Britegums Journey

During that appointment, Dr. Stanley explained to Jessica what Britegums could do for her:

“I get to the dental office and Dr. Stanley sits me down and tells me that he can do a small procedure that would take the pigment out right away and I would see results a couple of weeks after it heals. So we went ahead and did a test area and it turned out great so I scheduled!”

When Jessica came into the office for her Britegums treatment, she was expecting a long, drawn-out procedure. Like a lot of people, she assumed removing pigment in such a sensitive area (as the gums are) would be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, that’s not what she got:

“The procedure probably took about twenty minutes max. I think it took longer to let the anesthesia kick in than the actual procedure took to do. [After the procedure] I was sensitive in my mouth, but it wasn’t a terrible pain. It felt like a pizza burn…and after burning my mouth on pizza, that’s exactly what it [felt like]. I recovered probably in about a week. It wasn’t anything that was too invasive or too painful but it was definitely something that changed my life.”

Regaining Self-Confidence

Post-procedure, Jessica was quick to notice the dramatic change in her gums:

“I first realized that it really worked when I saw pictures of myself. Not only was I smiling a lot bigger but I could actually see my gums in the pictures…My twin is obsessed with wanting to have the procedure done and she refuses to smile standing next to me, so I think that’s a good sign.”

Asked if she would recommend Britegums to other people who have black gums, Jessica’s reply was simple:

“I recommend Britegums to anyone who’s suffering from [dark gums] because it’s such an easy process that no one even knows about. The Britegums process truly changed my life.”

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile