• Patient Case Study: Jessica

Patient Case Study: Jessica

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Jessica’s Success Story

When Jessica was twelve years old, she got her braces taken off. Like any newly brace-less kid, Jessica was thrilled until she noticed that her gums were discolored and blotchy in places. Throughout her teenage years, she did her best to hide her smile since she assumed her blotchy gums were permanent and untreatable. But, as more time went on, Jessica began doing some research in the hopes that something could treat her condition and give her the gums she’d always dreamt of having. Armed with the understanding that dental health is always making leaps and bounds, Jessica talked to numerous dentists about her options. While there were some things they could do to help her, the procedures were either too expensive, too painful, or would force her to take too much time off (a big problem for a busy mom like Jessica). 

In a last ditch effort, she asked Doctor Robert Stanley to extend her gum line with the thought that this procedure would at least make her blotchy gums a touch less noticeable. Knowing Jessica was the perfect Britegums patient, Doctor Stanley explained the ins and outs of his new gum pinkening technique that would eliminate the discoloration with little pain and no downtime. For Jessica, Britegums was exactly what she had been looking for since she was twelve years old. After just one session, Jessica noticed an immediate change. The Britegums pinkening process gave her the confidence she never thought she’d have.

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Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile