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Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (G.U.M.S)

GUMS Procedure: What is GUMS? How Does GUMS Make The Transition

gums procedure

Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (G.U.M.S) or in short call GUMS is a patented cosmetic treatment process developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS. His impetus to discover a successful treatment came from the many dental patients seeking a solution to black gums. We gave our process the self-descriptive name, ‘Pinkening.’

Black Gums are Normal

Black or dark gums result from an excess of melanin or pigment cells in some people’s gums. Dark-skinned people are especially susceptible to black gums. The individual amount of pigment-producing cells or melanin determines our unique skin tone. That can carry over into the amount of pigment in our oral tissues as well. Dark gums are a normal condition and no threat to health. So is gray hair, darkened teeth, skin wrinkles, and crooked noses. That is a small consolation for those people looking at themselves in the mirror each morning with discontent. Some are fine with the normal state of their black gums. Others are not.

GUMS Procedure – Find A Solution

Our dental patients were begging for a solution. The available options before Brightgums were painful, invasive, and very expensive with uncertain results. We took the technology available to us, which is radio waves. We then incorporated delicate pediatric brushes and devised a dental tool to deliver the treatment. The result is G.U.M.S: our patented cosmetic process to gently brush away the thin layer of pigment-producing cells from dark gums. In two or three weeks, pinkening will be complete to clients’ joy and their brightest smile ever. Also check out the Britegums procedure

We live in a competitive world, and making a good first impression includes looking our best. We work out in gyms to rid ourselves of natural fat. We dye our hair to enhance our natural hair color. Tooth whitening is so prevalent that we notice those who don’t do it. We don’t hesitate to remove unsightly birthmarks or the wrinkles that come with age. We need all the self-confidence we can get to compete in our chosen arena. Knowing we are putting our best foot and smile forward boosts our self-confidence.

GUMS Makes the Transition from Dark to Pink Gums so Easy

Brightegums uses our patented and FDA-approved dental instrument that uses radiosurgery technology for Pinkening. There is no cutting, grinding, or bleaching. We counted the reasons why this system is the solution of which you’ve dreamed. You may be able to add a few more.

  • There is no pain as we brush away the surface cells that produce excess melanin.
  • You can expect a successful outcome with only one session.
  • Downtime is minimal, and you can return to your daily routine immediately.
  • Best results will be revealed in a few weeks when the gums are fully healed.
  • This cosmetic is treatment is more affordable than previous invasive solutions.
  • Financing is available upon request.
  • Results are often permanent since those cells do not tend to grow back.
  • The process is entirely safe.
  • The result is your brightest possible smile to bestow upon the world.

Call Britegums on 866-274-8348 and schedule your free consultation for a better GUMS Procedure. We are ready to answer all of your questions. Contact here: https://britegums.com/contact-us/

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile