• I Found the Ideal Solution to Gums Discoloration – Britegums™

I Found the Ideal Solution to Gums Discoloration – Britegums™

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I’ve been incredibly lucky with my teeth.  There isn’t a day that passes that I’m not grateful to have been born with straight, white teeth.  Lucky me!

My smile has been my signature my whole life, so when I noticed I’d started developing gums discoloration, I was horrified.  Suddenly, my signature smile was a source of self-consciousness.  I started smiling differently to hide the appearance of my gums.

I’ve been a smoker for most of my life and while I’m working on it, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been able to quit entirely.  You’d think I’d be able to after being told by my trusted dentist that I had a condition of the gums caused directly by smoking – smoker’s melanosis.

The naturally-occurring substance melanin is what makes freckles, dark spots and suntans.  It’s produced by specialized cells called melanocytes.  Nicotine (the addictive component of cigarette tobacco) can cause overproduction due to the hyperactivity of melanocytes.  Thus, my dark, splotchy gums.

And while my dentist told me that quitting smoking would help, there’s no guarantee that the discoloration will resolve.

A Great Discovery

I started reading about gingival hyperpigmentation and discovered that it’s a reasonably common thing.  Sometimes, it’s just due to the darker complexion of the person who has it.  Other times, causes are hormonal, or linked to medication.

But in the course of my research, I discovered something which gave me a lot of hope – Britegums™.  This new cosmetic dental process is the 21st Century solution to gums discoloration.  I decided to reach out to find out more.

Revolutionary Britegums™

I found out that Britegums™ had been developed by a dentist for people like me – people with discoloration or dark gums they felt interfered with the look of their smiles.  His invention improves on other methods of gum lightening, making it faster, more effective and best of all – permanent.

Using radio surge technology, the dark pigment is treated with radio waves.  Patented brushes are employed to remove the dark tissue, revealing the pink tissue beneath. 

So, I consulted with a licensed provider of Britegums™ and decided to go ahead and do it.  I wanted my signature smile back (yesterday)!

The Results Are In

In just one Britegums™ session, the dark splotches on my gums were removed.  I barely felt a thing and as my gums healed, I noticed that the effect was enhanced.

Finally, my signature smile was back!  I was ready to flash it at anyone and everyone.  And now that it’s back, my smoking habit is history.  Smoker’s melanosis has finally helped me cure my nasty habit, along with the incredible results I got with Britegums™.

If you’re feeling less than cheerful about the appearance of your gums and feel they’re getting in the way of your signature smile, I wholeheartedly recommend Britegums™.  It gave my smile a second chance and you can have that too, regardless of why you want your gums treated with this amazing technology.

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