• Gum Peeling – What’s Going On?

Gum Peeling – What’s Going On?

Gums are a prime indicator of your oral health.  When they’re not happy, you’ll know.

They’ll bleed, for one. Sometimes though, they’ll peel.  But why?

Read on to find out more about gum peeling and why you’re having this problem.

OTC Tooth Whiteners

The use of over the counter tooth whitening products has skyrocketed in recent years.  But by and large, these cause oral health problems.

Your dentist is the best source of safe whitening processes because OTC products can cause extreme sensitivity in the teeth and irritation to the gums.  Oh, and gum peeling, by the way.

The ingredients used may not be appropriate for some who purchase them.  And your dentist can do the job in far less time.

Any whitening product – including mouthwash and toothpaste – you’re using needs to be discontinued immediately.  Your peeling will subside, if this is the cause.

Alcohol In Oral Care Products

Check your mouthwash and toothpaste for alcohol.  This ingredient in oral care products can cause irritation and produce dryness in the mouth.

Look not just for “alcohol” on the list of ingredients, but also “isopropyl alcohol” or “SD alcohol”.  These can also cause gum peeling.  If you’re not sure about a product’s efficacy or safety, consult your dentist.

Overzealous Brushing

If you’re brushing for too long or applying too much pressure, or even if the bristles on your brush are too hard, you can cause gums to recede.

But overzealous brushing can also cause irritation, bleeding and gum peeling.  To avoid these problems, choose a brush with softer bristles and use a gentle, circular motion.


Another name for this condition is early stage gum disease.  It’s a common condition, so pay attention to the response of your gums while flossing or brushing.

If you experience sores, gum peeling or irritation, you may have gingivitis, which can lead to losing teeth and other conditions.

If treated early, gingivitis is reversible, so pay attention to what’s going on in your mouth and talk to your doctor if you see any symptoms.

Give Your Gums The Attention They Deserve

Don’t take your oral health for granted.  What’s going on in your mouth can have implications for your overall health.

Because we’re talking about gum peeling, it’s important to understand that peeling gums can be an indicator of practices you should be reforming to promote better oral health.

Your mouth is a kind of barometer of the body.  Give your gums the attention they deserve because they might be telling you something you need to know.

Be sure to consult with your dentist at any sign of change in the health of your gums, including irritation, bleeding and gum peeling.


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