• Smile! Gum Lightening with Britegums™

Smile! Gum Lightening with Britegums™

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When life is good, you want to express your moments of joy with a big, bright smile. But too many people with gum hyperpigmentation—or dark, blotchy gums–keep that smile under wraps. Self-consciousness inhibit your well-being and hold you back in life.  But now, there’s Britegums®!

Fast, Effective and Painless

In just one treatment, you’ll get the permanent results that invite your smile out to play without the lengthy healing time demanded by early, ineffective gum treatments.

We’ve always known what to do about crooked teeth – straighten them!  And yellow teeth – lighten them!  Now with Britegums®, the newest entrant to the cosmetic dentistry field, if you have dark gums, the answer is simple: pinkening™!

The Quest

The quest for a viable treatment for gum hyperpigmentation started with a visit to the dentist. Dr. Robert Stanley was visited by a patient who wanted to know if there was anything she could do about her blotchy gums.  That set him on a quest.

Along the way, he discovered that the World Health Organization’s definition of well-being encompassed people’s state of mental health.  He knew that people with blotchy gums struggled with their confidence, so he set out to find a solution.

How the Magic Happens

In truth, Britegums® isn’t magic – it’s science.

An FDA-approved instrument deploying radio surge technology transmits radio waves to loosen hyper-pigmented tissue. Then, patented brushes are used to remove that tissue, revealing the pink, healthy gums underneath.

Treatment usually takes just one session and renders permanent results in a week or less.  Once you’ve healed (approximately 3 – 4 weeks), your results will be even more dramatic.

How Can I Get Britegums®?

Ready to change your life? Contact us for a free consultation to discover if Britegums® technology is right for you.  Only licensed providers of Britegums® are qualified to offer the treatment.  Find one near you with our Find a Provider feature.

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile