• Gingival Hyperpigmentation – Get Your Confidence Back with Britegums™

Gingival Hyperpigmentation – Get Your Confidence Back with Britegums™

gingival hyperpigmentation gums hyperpigmentation

Medical knowledge about gingival hyperpigmentation has improved tremendously over the past decade.  While not usually a sign of any underlying condition, it can signal gingivitis in some individuals and may also be a physiological response to inflammation, medication or hormonal changes. However, the most common cause of gingival hyperpigmentation is melanin, a substance in the cells which causes all people to tan in the sun. Usually, those with naturally darker skin have larger quantities of melanin…not just within the skin, but in their gums as well, resulting in dark, blotchy or even black color. Those who have dark colored gums may find themselves self-conscious and unwilling to expose their gums by smiling. But now, there’s a pinkening™ solution: Britegums®, a new dental cosmetic procedure that’s fast, effective and virtually pain-free. 

How Does It Work?

Using an FDA-approved instrument which employs radiosurgery technology, Britegums® removes the hyperpigmented tissue, revealing the pink gums beneath it. Trained and licensed experts also use patented brushes to remove darker pigment.  This process results in pinkening™ of the gums, restoring the confidence of patients who’ve had a lid on their smiles for far too long.

One session is enough for most patients, with results visible in just two weeks or less.  And when the healing process is complete (usually 3 to 4 weeks), your gums are brighter, showcasing the beautiful smile you’ll find hard to wipe off your face.

Get Ready to Smile Again

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Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile