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Britegums® is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that transforms dark or blotchy gums into pink, healthy-looking gums. Variations in gum coloration are related to natural variances in melanin or imbalances in pigmentation. While dark or blotchy gums are normal, they can lower some people’s confidence in their smile. This is where Britegums® comes in. As the only long-lasting, painless gum pinkening™ process on the market today, Britegums® offers a unique solution to a problem once thought unsolvable.  

Britegums® uses gum pinkening™ radio waves and a collection of patented brushes to carefully remove the thin layer of gum pigmentation. These radio waves are transmitted via a safe, FDA approved dental radiosurge. As the radio waves brush away the pigmentation in your gums, your natural pink gums become visible. Also check GUMS Procedure.

Britegums® is not a dental treatment for periodontal disease (gum disease) or gingivitis. Britegums® is an elective cosmetic procedure to pinken gums in individuals who are concerned with the appearance of their dark or blotchy gums.

Dark or blotchy gums can often contribute to a loss of self-confidence in one’s smile. Britegums® can give you back that lost confidence through a quick, easy, and virtually painless procedure. With Britegums®, you will finally be able to proudly show off your beautiful smile.      

On average, the Britegums® treatment takes one session. However, the length of our gum pinkening™ treatment ultimately depends on the severity of your case. Speak with your doctor for the most accurate estimate. 

All dentists interested in treating patients with the Britegums® gum pinkening™ process must complete specialized instructional sessions in order to become Britegums® authorized providers. Use our Find a Provider feature to locate a doctor near you. If your dentist does not yet offer Britegums® as a gum pinkening™ option, they can contact us to begin the training process.

As with many dental procedures, local anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable during your procedure. We have found that putting Britegums® patients to sleep isn’t ordinarily necessary but, if you prefer, you can ask your dentist about sedation options. Post-procedure, the vast majority of patients report zero pain. Others have reported minor discomfort that can be alleviated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Along with a low pain level, Britegums also boasts an impressive “no blood” policy since the device’s radio waves simultaneously remove the excess pigment and accelerate the healing process.   

Because the majority of patients only require one Britegums® treatment, the cost is typically low. Of course, each patient’s severity is different so please consult your doctor for accurate pricing.  

Because medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should review your personal plan to determine eligibility. However, in general, most cosmetic procedures are not covered by dental or medical insurance.

Many Britegums® authorized providers offer flexible payment plans or financing options. Find a provider in your area to discuss possible payment options for your Britegums® treatment.

The Radiosurge dental device that the Britegums® procedure uses is an FDA approved device for dental treatment and is a safe, pain-free way to transform dark or blotchy gums.

Results from your gum pinkening™ treatment are not instantaneous. Throughout the healing period, you will see a gradual change in the color of your gums. Most patients take 3-4 weeks to completely heal from a single treatment but post-procedure results can be seen in as little as 7 days.

The results of Britegums® are long-lasting and, in many cases, permanent.* Britegums® eradicates melanocytes, the types of cells that produce melanin in the body. Fortunately for Britegums® patients, melanocytes are often unable to regrow in an area where they’ve been removed. Britegums® is the only dark or blotchy gum treatment that removes melanocytes so effectively, leading to lasting results.   

Our gum pinkening™ process is specially designed for those who have dark or blotchy gums and want a pinker smile. Visit the Is it For Me? page or request a one-on-one consultation with an authorized provider to determine if Britegums® is right for you.

GUMS™, or Gingival Uniformity Modulation System, is the science behind the Britegums® proccess. During your procedure, your dental provider will brush away the pigmented tissue, or gingiva, leaving behind perfectly uniform pink gums. This system of treatment is completely unique because it involves no cutting, scraping, or grinding and provides long-lasting results.

If you have stable periodontal disease you are still a candidate for Britegums®. However, undergoing any procedure when you have a preexisting condition comes with its own hazards. Start by seeking treatment for this condition from your dentist.

Yes, but only after your gingivitis is treated. Treatment for gingivitis is typically fast and easy. Start by talking to your dentist about your condition and the treatment options. Once the gingivitis is eliminated, then talk to an authorized Britegums® provider near you to start planning your Britegums® appointment.

Doctors have a plethora of different medical terms that they use to describe dark or blotchy gums including:

Typically, dark or blotchy gums are a condition developed naturally by the body’s production of melanin. However, sometimes other causes may be the culprit including:

  • smokers’ melanosis (32.9%)
  • Amalgam tattoo (18.9%)
  • focal melanotic macules (5.7%)
  • post inflammatory pigmentation (1.6%)
  • pigmentation due to medications or systemic disease (0.52%)
  • heavy metal deposits (0.26%)
  • oral nevus (0.26%)

To learn more about the causes of dark or blotchy gum tissue and to receive an official diagnosis of your condition, please schedule a visit with an authorized Britegums® provider. 

*Results vary from patient to patient. 

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile