• Deon’s Testimony

Deon’s Testimony

Looking for Answers

Deon Anderson first noticed discoloration in his gums when he was in elementary school but it wasn’t until he met and married his wife that he began to feel self-conscious about the appearance of his gums. According to Deon, he felt “somewhat self-conscious about smiling around her,” because the darkness of his gums negatively affected his smile. Deon elaborates saying:

“I knew I had a great smile, but it was my gums and the color of my gums that actually made me not want to smile…I knew with brighter gums, I’d actually be a little bit more attractive!”

Emotionally, Deon’s dark gums kept him from being as confident as he could be. Deon notes that, in his profession, “you have to be confident. No matter what you do, you have to be confident in your decision making and confident in your training, and [my dark gums] held me back.”

For years, Deon disliked the appearance of his gums but it took a comment from his son to convince him to seek treatment. Deon remembers the incident, stating:

“My oldest son asked me if I had something in my teeth. I looked at him funny because I hadn’t had breakfast so I went and looked in the mirror and I’m like, ‘oh it’s the discoloration of my gums you’re looking at.’ And he said, ‘it looks like there’s something in your teeth, dad.’ So I looked online and the treatments out there were expensive, horrible.”

Although Deon finally decided to do something about his black gums, he found that there wasn’t a tried-and-true treatment to remove unwanted gum pigmentation. Deon notes that in past procedures dentists would “take a razor blade and just cut your gums,” yielding only temporary results. Most of the dentists willing to do such painful procedures were located in different countries and were charging inordinate prices. Still, Deon really wanted the “beautiful, pink,” gums that his wife had so he had started to consider the possibility of spending the money and getting a razor procedure done.

Before he took that large financial plunge, Deon “tried some home remedies where [he] would take baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, peroxide, and try to scrub [his] gums.” Unsurprisingly, that wasn’t successful. 

The internet is host to tons of different at-home gum lightening methods but none of them work because they ignore the root of the problem. Melanin causes pigmentation but melanocytes actually produce the melanin. If you don’t get rid of the melanocytes, you don’t get rid of the pigment. 

Thankfully, Deon found Britegums before he went too far in a fruitless direction. While Deon was scrolling through Instagram, “an ad just popped up out of nowhere…[for] gum brightening.” It was the first gum brightening treatment Deon had seen that was located on the east coast. Within two seconds, he was on the phone. 

Finding Britegums

As soon as he could, Deon drove to the Stanley Dentistry office in Cary, North Carolina to talk to Britegums inventor, Dr. Robert Stanley. After examining his gums, Dr. Stanley decided that Deon was a perfect candidate for Britegums. 

Looking back, Deon remembers feeling some nerves before going in for the procedure, saying:

“I thought I was going to have to sit out of anything that I was doing for at least a month. I thought my gums would bleed or I’d have tooth sensitivity…but none of that happened.”

In reality, Deon’s procedure was “extremely quick [and] there wasn’t any pain [or] downtime.” For Deon, it seemed like all Dr. Stanley did was “take a brush and literally erase the pigment.” Within ten minutes, the treatment was over and Deon was able to leave the office and return to his daily routine.

Deon recalls the non-existent recovery period, stating:

“The recovery process was next to none…I was eating and drinking and there was no pain.”

Post-op, Deon realized that Britegums had changed his life when he was FaceTiming his little brother. When Deon laughed, his brother was shocked and asked him what he’d had done to his gums. When Deon explained the Britegums treatment, his brother was quick to ask how he could get it too! 

Time has passed but Deon’s gums are just as pink as they were a month after his Britegums treatment. Asked if he would recommend Britegums, Deon replied with a big yes:

“I would definitely recommend the Britegums process to everyone, friends, family, acquaintances, anyone who is looking to enhance their smile! This has definitely given me the self-confidence to smile when and wherever I want. I’m just really grateful that I found Britegums!”

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile