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Should I Be Worried About My Dark Gums?

Everyone knows that gums are supposed to be pink but not everyone knows that tons of people don’t have pink gums. A significant amount of the population has an excess of melanin in their gums. This melanin appears as dark (typically a brown-ish color) spots. “Black gums,” as they’re sometimes referred to as, typically occur naturally, though they can be linked to smoking and certain illnesses. For most black gums sufferers, the cause is genetic. If your parents have black gums, there’s a good chance you do too.

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Black gums can look a little alarming but they aren’t dangerous in the traditional sense. The coloring comes solely from melanin — the stuff that gives skin its color. People are oftentimes surprised by this because the melanin in the gums develops in uneven patches rather than just flat color like with skin. Most Britegums patients aren’t necessarily concerned about the color of their gums — they’re concerned about how asymmetrical the dark spots make their smile. Dark gums are fine but splotchy gums can ruin a perfectly good smile.

Black gums won’t give you some sort of terrible illness. They’re not a symptom of cancer or heart disease. Your doctor won’t give you a prescription to treat them. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not negatively affecting your health. Why do people get braces? Because they don’t like their crooked teeth. Why do people get whitening? Because they want a whiter smile. Why do people get Britegums? Because they’re tired of feeling embarrassed by their gums.

No one should have to go through life feeling like less because of their smile. How you perceive yourself has a huge impact on your mental health. Being confident in your imperfections is great but people who want to change their appearance shouldn’t feel bad about doing so. Tons of people with black gums dislike how they affect the symmetry of their smile. With Britegums, they can easily and quickly “pinken” their gums as easily as they would whiten their teeth.

Can I Lighten My Black Gums?

Tired of living with dark, blotchy gums? Although you may feel like it sometimes, you aren’t the only one. Thousands of people are eagerly looking for ways to quickly and easily lighten their gums. The thing is, until very recently, there wasn’t a true solution to black gums. Some dentists used knives and razors to cut out the pigmented gums but that was painful for the patients and it usually only presented temporary results. Within a few months, the patient’s dark gums would return, just as bad as they were before.

People started to try home remedies to lighten their gums, from lemon juice to baking soda. As with most home remedies, the effects were less than stellar. Any slight changes were also temporary. It seemed, for everyone who was looking, that there was no clean-cut answer to cosmetically altering black gums.

A few years ago, there wasn’t but now we have Britegums. Dr. Robert Stanley of Stanley Dentistry discovered a way to remove melanin from the gums using radio waves instead of harsh blades or lasers. The radio waves work to gently remove just the melanin and not the sensitive gum tissue, like with past procedures. This means there’s minimal pain and downtime for the patient. In most cases, the procedure takes less than half an hour and within just a few days, the patient’s back to their normal routine. Dr. Stanley usually prescribes Tylenol for his patients who do feel a little sensitivty post-procedure.

The ease of the procedure is great but the results are what really set Britegums apart from other so-called dark gums “solutions.” Instead of just masking dark gums or getting rid of melanin but not melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin), Britegums gets to the root of the dark spots. The radio waves remove both melanin and melanocytes so the melanin won’t come back. The majortity of the time, Britegums patients have pink gums for life. If the dark spots on your gums do return after getting Britegums, contact your provider and let them know. They should offer free touch-ups for patients who see pigment returning.

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Home Remedies for Black Gums

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Gum Brightening From Home?

The world is full of instant cures for just about everything. Around every digital corner of the internet, home remedies abound and while some of them are genuinely useful, others are suspect. With the rise of e-commerce, the traveling snake oil salesman has grown longer legs, covering not just a small territory in horse and wagon, but the entire world. Every day, thousands of people spend buckets of money on things they only hope will help their problems. At least half the time, those miracle products end up in the trash.

If you’re lightening your gums at home or thinking about doing it, it’s important to keep that in mind. If there was a “miracle cure” for dark gums that you could buy at Food Lion, no one who doesn’t like their dark gums would have black gums. Everyone would use that cure instead of having to look for something else.

With that being said, there are a few ways you can, allegedly and temporarily, lighten your dark gums at home. These methods aren’t tried and true — results vary from person to person. Still, if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to lighten your gums, they might work. If you’re looking for a way to permanently lighten your gums, we’ll get to that a little later.

Mileage May Vary

The first thing you need to know is that your level of success with these DIY solutions will vary. They won’t work for everyone because of natural differences in body chemistry. As with most home remedies, they never work 100% of the time on every single person. Some people may see some dramatic change while others might not see any change. It all depends on the individual.

Still, if you really want a quick fix, it’s worth a shot. Here are some methods of lightening your gums at home which may temporarily reduce multifocal gingival pigmentation:

  • Eucalyptus oil: With natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, just a small drop of this stuff will help you control harmful oral bacteria, as well as calm inflammation. The oil is rumored to lighten pigment in the gums for certain people. Even if it doesn’t, eucalyptus oil (in small quantities) is great for oral health. 
  • Clove: Like eucalyptus oil, clove is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Clove also stimulates the repair of damaged gum tissue. Use the leaf of the clove and massage it directly onto your gums. You may see some slight lightening after a few weeks of regular use.
  • Sesame oil: Known to draw out toxins, sesame oil also effectively stops plaque and tartar buildup and loosens what’s already lurking around your teeth. Removing these harmful elements helps restore good oral health. Swish a little around in mouth after brushing. Heat the oil before use to make it more effective in toxin absorption.

See What We Did There?

These DIY remedies have been rumored to help lighten gums in particular people. Do they really work? Sort of. The real trick is regular use but the truth is minor results. Just like with at-home whitening, you cannot expect an overnight change from a home remedy. It just isn’t going to happen. 

We’re not going to lie. The most compelling reason to use these natural helpers is not lightening your gums. It’s improving your oral health. If your gum discoloration comes from periodontal disease, these home remedies could help fight off some of the bacteria that are multiplying beneath your gums.

All three of the DIY products we listed will help you when it comes to your next dental appointment. Will they help transform your gums? Probably not. 

We like science at Britegums®. We like it because it’s tested and empirically proven. Britegums is the proven way to get those lighter, more uniform gums you’ve been searching for. 


Fast, virtually painless and enduring, Britegums® is a patented treatment to reduce gum pigmentation. Learn all about the revolutionary process here

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The Alternative to Gum Bleaching

Gum bleaching is how dentists would try to remove gum pigmentation in the past — the keyword there being tried. Using painful lasers, dentists would literally burn away an entire layer of gum tissue in the hopes of getting rid of the melanocytes (which produce pigment-causing melanin). This expensive treatment only worked a fraction of the time and the recovery time was lengthy. For most gum bleaching patients, the results were temporary at best with the pigment reappearing a few years later. 

Lots of people want to remove the dark spots from their gums but not everyone realizes how dated the laser gum bleaching technique is. Although a lot of dental offices manage to make gum bleaching sound good on paper, there are numerous glaring downsides. Longevity, pain, and cost are just a few of the reasons why Dr. Robert Stanley decided to go beyond traditional gum bleaching and find a better treatment for dark gums.

Say Good-Bye to Bleaching

His invention, Britegums, gives better results with less pain when compared to traditional gum bleaching. Instead of harshly “bleaching” the gumline, Britegums gently lifts only the pigmented areas using radiowaves and brushes. There’s hardly any downtime and most patients are able to get back to their daily lives hours after the procedure. The procedure is faster, easier, and cheaper for the patient than gum bleaching.

If you’ve been considering getting gum bleaching done, schedule a Britegums appointment instead. Even if you are not located near a Britegums provider, Dr. Stanley does virtual consultations for potential patients. The procedure is the more innovative alternative to gum bleaching that will undoubtedly yield better, more permanent results.

Get a Hollywood Smile

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The Smile Of Your Dreams

Pink gums probably aren’t the first thing you think of when you imagine a perfect smile but you’d be surprised how noticeable dark or blotchy gums can be in pictures and videos. Dark spots can detract from the symmetry of an otherwise straight, white smile — and symmetry is something everyone notices, even if it’s subconsciously.

Your smile is often times the first thing people see during a first impression which means every little imperfection is amplified. The tiny piece of spinach or the dark spots on your gums go from tiny things to big things. If you’re in any field where looks matter, blotchy gums can make a huge difference. If you can see dark spots on your gums when you smile, you’ve probably noticed how such a tiny mark can dramatically transform how your smile looks.

Getting That Hollywood Smile

How big of a difference exactly? Take a look at the major players in Hollywood and you’ll see for yourself. The celebrities who could have blotchy gums (celebrities with high levels of melanin in their skin) rarely do.

Even though a huge number of people have dark or blotchy gums, most celebrities don’t. At some point, they realized that the lack of uniform coloring on their gums was keeping them from having the kind of smile they needed for their career. Whether you like to admit it or not, a smile can make or break an interview, a screen test, or a dinner date. Oftentimes, a smile is the first thing people notice about a person. If you’re a star, you can’t have people noticing your gums before they notice your talent.

Alternatives to Gum Bleaching

Most of these celebrities, from Oprah to Obama, probably endured a costly, painful procedure to remove the excess melanin from their gums. There are tons of gum bleaching treatments that can painfully and temporarily “bleach” gums but, until recently, there was no pain-free, affordable way to get pink gums for life.

In 2017, that changed. Dr. Robert Stanley used his backgrounds in dentistry and engineering to create a fast, easy way for patients with uneven dark gums to get that Hollywood smile. He called the treatment Britegums®.

Britegums® is the only cosmetic gum pinkening treatment on the market that’s minimally invasive and yields long-term results. The process involves using a small brush that emits radio waves. The radio waves lift the melanin and the melanocytes (the cells that create melanin) but leave the sensitive gingival flesh intact. After a short healing period, patients have healthy, uniform, pink gums.

Don’t Let Your Smile Hold You Back

If you’re tired of seeing dark, blotchy gums when you look in the mirror, it might be time to schedule a consultation (whether virtual or in-person) to see if Britegums is right for you. Don’t let a lack of smile-confidence keep you from reaching for the stars!

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile