• A Complete Overview Of Black Gums Treatment

A Complete Overview Of Black Gums Treatment

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It may not be very well known, but hundreds of thousands of people have “black gums” also known as gum hyperpigmentation. As the name suggests, the most common symptom is dark “black” spots or blotches on the gums. On rare occasions, It may be a sign of gingivitis but typically black gums pose no physical danger.

Of course, just because black gums won’t hurt you physically doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you emotionally or mentally. Being healthy involves mental, social, and physical health. People who have black gums commonly report feeling self-conscious and embarrassed of their smiles. Over time, hiding from cameras and dodging social events becomes an emotional burden. This is where Britegums can help.

What Causes Black / Dark Gums?

Everyone’s skin produces a substance called melanin. The melanin in our bodies is the source of freckles, dark spots, and tan lines. People with naturally darker complexions usually have more melanin than those with fairer complexions. Certain medications can also accelerate the production of melanin, though this cause is much rarer. For most people, It comes from naturally occurring melanin in the body.

Not everyone who has a darker complexion has black gums. It depends on genetics and the way melanin naturally disperses in the body. Some people with very dark complexions have perfectly pink gums. Still, a lot of people who have darker complexions do have it but they don’t necessarily know that there’s an easy way to “pinken” them.

What Is The Permanent Treatment for Black Gums?

Until very recently, the only treatment for black gums was painful, expensive, and demanded a long recovery period. Most people with this decided against undergoing treatment because it was so uncomfortable, expensive, and temporary. The majority of dentists didn’t even offer the treatment because they didn’t believe the cost outweighed the benefits. Thankfully, times have changed and now we have Britegums — an effective, painless, and easy procedure to “pinken” black gums in just one session. Unlike past procedures, this treatment utilizes G.U.M.S.(Gingival Uniformity Modulation System™). Dr. Robert Stanley which is a patented process created by . We like to call the results “pinkening.”

What Are The Processes?

As the only FDA-approved instrument that uses radiosurge technology, Britegums is in a field of its own. Unlike other gum pigmentation treatments, the Britegums instrument sends gentle radio waves into the gums to break down the pigment. Patented brushes then remove the areas of hyperpigmentation, painlessly revealing the natural pink tissue below.

Patients begin to see their permanent results in about a week, but the full effect of a Britegums treatment appears over the healing period (usually 3 – 4 weeks).  When you’re done, you may not be able to stop smiling! Just ask our patients who can’t say enough about their Britegums experience.

Conclusion: Maybe It’s Time to Get Britegums

If you’re living with gum hyperpigmentation, treatment for black gums is available through dental experts who’ve been trained and licensed to provide the Britegums technique to their patients. Find a provider and check out our FAQs for more information. 

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile