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Are Black Gums Permanent?

black gums

Are black gums permanent? Most of the people who want to get Britegums originally assumed that their gum discoloration wasn’t something they could get rid of. Dermatologists can remove freckles and moles but there are few solutions for large swatches of discoloration (birthmarks, etc.) — and that’s talking about discoloration on the skin. Gum pigmentation is a whole different (and harder) game.

With every passing year, medical specialists make small but steady steps toward better technology. Things that seemed impossible twenty years ago have become routine procedures today. As cheesy as it sounds, the “impossible” truly is possible, as long as someone has enough time and determination.

A few years ago, Dr. Robert Stanley had both. He had numerous patients in his Cary, North Carolina office asking about their discolored gums and he knew he needed to at least try to find a solution. For months, he poured over dentistry journals and engineering textbooks, trying to piece together a feasible way to remove melanin from the gums without destroying the delicate tissue with lasers or knives. Finally, he discovered that radio waves have the ability to “magnetically” lift melanin and melanocytes (melanin factory cells) without damaging the pink tissue.

After engineering a brush that could direct the radio waves, Dr. Rob rigorously tested the Britegums process. It proved to be safe, easy, and incredibly effective at “pinkening” gums. Now tons of patients have experienced firsthand the life-changing effects Britegums. Interested in seeing if Britegums can transform your smile? Set up a complimentary consultation (virtual or in-person) to see if Britegums is right for you.

Britegums Don't Let Blotchy Gums Keep You From Your Smile